Lego Watches for a Good Cause

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Over 75% of households contain Legos.  It is quite possible you have vacuumed up a Lego character, had a Lego tower building contest with a family member or even felt the ridiculous pain after stepping on a Lego brick.

Legos are such a common occurrence in our lives that the brand is recognized across the world.  In 1996, a wonderful idea was comprised to create a watch out of Legos.  Soon the watch took off as a holiday gift and became a staple as such for years to come.

One New York jeweler is taking this staple to the next level.  From now until December 21, if you get a Lego watch at Northeastern Fine Jewelry in Albany, New York, the store will donate another Lego watch to the Boys & Girls Club.

Northeastern Fine Jewelry has acknowledged their love for the Lego watch in a number of ways.  They have stated it is a fun gift that also helps a child tell time from an analog watch.

The watch has many colors and an easy clip buckle that children should have no problem with.  The store is selling them for $25.

Donations from the buy one give one promotion will go to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Albany and neighboring Schenectady.  They will be handed out to children in need during the holiday season by a nonprofit organization.

Northeastern Fine Jewelry President Ray Bleser is happy to contribute to the Boys & Girls Clubs.  “During the holiday season, it is important for us all to give back to our communities.” Bleser says.


via Alex Fetanat


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