Alex Fetanat’s Latest Post: Will Leather for Jewelry for Men Catch On?

Alex Fetanat on Gawdy Bobbles

Gawdy Bobbles jewelry makes sure not to neglect the male demographic.

Those in the jewelry business have long been searching for the product that can bridge the gap between womens and mens jewelry sales.  Businesses are always looking for markets to expand into and jewelry is no different.  Since the vast majority of jewelry marketing is targeted at women or men buying for women, finding that item of men’s jewelry to market directly to men has remained elusive.  While men’s fashion has taken off in recent years, jewelers have struggled to mimic that success.

While probably not the “next big thing,” recently posted an article profiling leather jewelry designed for men.  The line, called Gawdy Bobbles, was created by Lynn Kemp partly by accident.  She was creating bracelets featuring the colors of her son’s high school football team.  From there, the line really took off.  She began receiving custom orders and according to Eurweb, Lynn was able to leave her job and focus on her dream full time.

Most Gawdy Bobbles men’s products are made of leather and feature masculine earth tones.  Even for men opposed to accessorizing, it would be hard to find these elegant pieces particularly in your face.  Author of the Eurweb article, Brittney Walker suggests that these bracelets could take off with men because they can be easily paired with existing wardrobes.  They don’t dominate an outfit, rather they complement and can improve outfits that guys already love.

Gawdy Bobbles is already a fairly popular brand when it comes to the relatively small men’s jewelry space.  Kemp’s designs can be found in stores around the country.  One interesting thing about the brand is the fact that inventory by store varies.  You won’t be able to walk into a store in California and pick up the same piece your friend bought in New York.  This gives the brand a little extra cache and uniqueness.

GawdyBobbles probably won’t start a men’s jewelry clamor, but they are still a brand to watch.

Check back soon for news from the jewelry industry.

via Alex Fetanat


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