D.C. Jeweler to Make New Mom Feel Like Royalty

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One lucky mom will receive a pair of diamond earrings for giving birth close to the royal baby.

One lucky mom will receive a pair of diamond earrings for giving birth close to the royal baby.

One local Washington, D.C. jeweler is using the building excitement around the royal baby to make one mom feel like a queen.  This JCK article tells the story of Mervis Diamonds, who will be giving away a pair of diamond earrings to contest entrant who gives birth at the closest time to the birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s first child.

Jewelry has always been an important part of the pageantry of the British Royal Family.  Just last year, Queen Elizabeth II had the 60th anniversary of her coronation commemorated with a Diamond Jubilee.  Among the traditions associated with a Diamond Jubilee, is the queen lighting a beacon by inserting a specially crafted diamond into receptacle.

The ornate regalia worn by the king or queen of England are also referred to collectively as “The Crown Jewels.”  It is understandable then, why a jeweler like Mervis might want to associate themselves with any major event relating to the British Royal Family.  If the media attention given to the Royal Wedding is any indication of how much Americans care about the Royal Family, Mervis is making a savvy marketing move.

Jewelers are known for surrounding holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s day with special promotions, but it seems Mervis has come up with a smart way to get attention and local media coverage beyond the usual sales cycle of American holidays.

In the jewelry business, it is also a good move to watch current events.  News events, pop culture, celebrity trends, award shows, and many other other visible events and trends can have a profound affect on what kind of jewelry people will be looking for at any given time.  As Mervis is showing with their contest, associating your product with events that get as much coverage as the royal baby can only serve to raise buzz around your product or shop.

Check back soon for more updates on the world and business of jewelry.

via Alex Fetanat http://alexfetanat.net/d-c-jeweler-to-make-new-mom-feel-like-royalty/


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