Rings of Strength Event Raises 40K for Charity

Alex Fetanat’s newest blog post:

JFC Rings of StrengthThe organization Jewelers for Children recently held a charity event in Las Vegas called ‘Rings of Strength’ for the first time on May 30th.  JFC with help from those who participated in the event, was able to raise more than $40,000 for charity.  “We are an industry of great heart and emotion. Seeing 170 people at 5:30 in the morning ready to run, walk and bike in support of others is awe-inspiring,” participant Stuart Marcus said.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Jewelers for Children was founded in 1999 by the United States jewelry industry with a mission to help children in need.  Their goals are to unite the generous charitable giving efforts of the jewelry industry to support as many children in need as possible. JFC strives to involve more and more jewelers in their efforts and to promote to the consumer the good work that the jewelry industry is doing through Jewelers for Children.  Quite recently in 2011, JFC has had almost 2,100 companies step up to become part of the industry’s charity.

Notable sponsors at the event in Las Vegas included TAG Heuer, JCK, Blue Nile, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, Malca-Amit, Brinks, Jewelry Creations, Rio Tinto, Harmon Group, Cedarwood Companies, Freeman Expo Service and CASA of Las Vegas.

It’s always a pleasure to see members of the jewelry community step up to help children in need, especially with an organization like JFC.  Though this was the first time that the Rings of Strength was held, JFC has told the industry that because of the wonderful crowd and the great success of the inaugural event they are going to plan on having it next year as well.  Great job JFC, we wish you the most success with all of your future endeavors!

via Alex Fetanat http://alexfetanat.net/rings-of-strength-event-raises-40k-for-charity/


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